Application of Laser Welding in Optical Communication Industry

    To understand the application of laser welding in the optical communication industry, first look at a picture and intuitively understand the situation of an upstream and downstream industry chain in the optical communication industry.

        Since the chip is the most difficult product in the optical module industry chain, after the bare chip and the wiring board are micro-interconnected, they need to be sealed in a plastic, glass, metal or ceramic shell through packaging technology to ensure that the semiconductor integrated circuit chip is in the Working normally under various harsh conditions, laser welding is mainly used in this process.
        In the industry, the traditional optical communication device packaging technology generally uses UV glue to bond and fix the device at the joint surface. First, the UV glue is dotted to the joint of the device, and then cured by ultraviolet light. This device connection method has many drawbacks, such as limited curing depth; limited by the geometry of the device; the glue will not cure where the UV light cannot illuminate. Laser welding, a new type of welding technology, has the advantages of firm welding, minimal deformation, high precision, fast speed, and easy automatic control, making it one of the important means of optical communication device packaging technology.
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