Fully Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine For Round Tubes T - series

Application scenarios :

Application scenarios of laser cutting machines

        Laser tube cutting machine: can cut a variety of metal tubes, mainly suitable for rapid cutting of stainless steel tubes, carbon steel tubes, aluminum tubes, and other various kinds of metal tubes. 

Fully Automatic In Bundle Loading Feeding And Cutting

       Self-developed servo transmission system to ensure fast and accurate transmission execution.

       Fully automatic in bundle loading, feeding and cutting, reducing employees’ work and saving labor cost.

Fully Automatic In Bundle Loading Feeding And Cutting​
High Speed Cutting

High Speed Cutting

1 second per cut for the thin material, 

rapidly increasing production effciency.

Simple Operation

The operation interface is easy to operated and no 3D drawing is required.The skill requirements for employees are simple.

Simple Operation
Automatic Continuous Feeding

Automatic Continuous Feeding

The shortest tail material can reach 0-40mm,

reducing material consumption.

High Quality Cutting

The cutting surface is smooth without burrs.

The automatic dislagging function is optional to meet the requirements of clean inner wall without slag. 

High Quality Cutting

Optimizing configuration

Optimizing Configuration

Well-known Brand Laser Generator 

Stable performance, long service life

Optimizing Configuration
Optimizing Configuration

High quality laser cutting head.

Technical Parameters:

Model No.

AD T40

AD T70

Pipe Diameter



Pipe Length

1000mm - 7000mm

Cutting Length


Positioning Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy


Maximum Movement Speed


Maximum Acceleration


Cutting Samples :

Cutting Samples of Fully Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine

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